Cabernet Sauvignon

In the south of the world, in the enchanting Chilean Patagonia, the magic and energy of the Futaleufu river is found, whose name in the native language of Chile means Great River (“Futa”: great, “Leufu”: river). Inspired in this great river, these are expressive wines, of great personality with fresh captivating aromas, being sophisticated and entertaining on the palette through their mix of sensations.


Almahue Valley, Peumo, Chile


100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Intense deep red

Nota de cata

Young and fruity character, hints of strawberries, strawberry myrtle and gooseberries stand out, along with pepper, vanilla, wood, coconut, a touch of mocha and a subtle woody base.


A friendly strike, with mature tannins and balanced acidity, rounded body with a good structure where the wood and the fruit are very well mixed. Long lasting.