Cabernet Sauvignon

Gran Reserva

Located in the desert of the North of Chile, in San Pedro de Atacama, this magical place is found where the indigenous who inhabited this area thought the stars had fallen to earth to be transformed into hills and volcanoes and held religious ceremonies to the Moon, so that it would grant health, water and abundance in the crops.


Almahue Valley, Peumo, Chile


100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Intense deep red

Nota de cata

On the nose, the dry fruits, toasted almonds, coffee stand out, along with fruity notes such as cassis, raspberries and strawberries, with spices and notes of smoke, vanilla and Holm oak, from its storage in barrels.


A balanced elegant body, where the tannins are present and very well mixed in a complex structure which leaves a very well balanced acidic feeling, along with a richly concentrated body, as well as notes and tannins from the time spent in the barrel.