Cabernet Sauvignon


In the south of the world, in the enchanting Chilean Patagonia, the magic and energy of the Futaleufu river is found, whose name in the native language of Chile means Great River (“Futa”: great, “Leufu”: river). Inspired in this great river, these are expressive wines, of great personality with fresh captivating aromas, being sophisticated and entertaining on the palette through their mix of sensations.


Almahue Valley, Peumo, Chile


100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Deep dark red

Nota de cata

A good aromatic intensity, reminds one on the nose of berries like cassis, strawberries and blueberries, along with notes of black pepper, vanilla, nuts and tobacco


A wine with a great structure, thanks to its mature tannins and its body it feels very balanced, filling the mouth with a fruity sensation to begin with to, later, lead to an end marked with hints of smoked meats and some chocolate